Achieving worldly possessions is not success!

Life is very tough as said; it is a bed of thorns not a bed of roses. Men are born free but as soon as he leaves his child hood he is chained by a lot of things such as relations and surrounded by difficult situations; which had to be dealt with no matter how hard it is. This is the age in our life where aims and preferences change and everyone become ambitious want to be known attains something like fame, respect & money .But in this race there are a lot of things neglected by us that will be realized in elder age when one day we will be having all worldly things but deprived of love. If right now we will not gather the most important people of our life, ignore them because of worldly possessions and left them behind.


I want to tell you nothing is achieved in my Opinion if there is no one to appreciate you, love you, celebrate with you your success, motivate you, and listen to you in your good and bad times. Please don’t ignore your family your true friends and one’s who love you while you are moving on with your life. Today there are very fewer people in this world who really get true love except from their parents. Parents love is matchless but when you find a girl or boy for time being in your life you think you have got everything but when he or she left again the only one to support you, to help you stand again is your parents, siblings or true friends who were there when you was not with them. And if you think you really love someone from a sincere heart and want him or her in your life don’t let them go, do it in a respectable way tell your parents don’t deceive your family or yourself by doing anything wrong & let yourself down .The real achievement in your life is happiness and most important part of your life is your family that you will realize with the growing time. Other things of life go side by side keep your eyes open and make your choices carefully before you lose something really precious. It’s not about time it’s about preferences!

– Junaid Cheema



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