An Honest Insight

Introductions at their worst, have the tendency to be over-rated and may induce one to over hype the picture on the canvas, which is themselves. So i’ll try my best to keep it simple and sweet and give you an apt insight of who I am. My name is Faizan Mir, and i’m currently enrolled in the Lahore School of Economics, and am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Media. When not dealing with the the expectations and responsibilities that accompany my academic endeavors, I have a keen interest in following the political scenario of Pakistan and examining it’s dimensions which effect us as well. But my greatest interest, or passion if you may, is playing football. I have indulged in football, be it watching it or playing it, since I was 7 years old. Therefore it should come as no surprise that some of the crowning achievements in my life yet have been representing my School and Country in International football tournaments in Great Britain and India respectively. What was even more humbling was the fact that I was the youngest member of the team on both the occasions. My footballing endeavors continued through out my time in high school and into my university life. I was lucky enough to represent the LSE football team in my freshman year. The consistency of my performances for the team meant that I sustained my place in the team till date. Other proud moments for me were winning Gold medals in the Punjab Olympics as well as being the Sports Captain in my school’s council. Therefore, I have become accustomed to taking on responsibilities and carrying them out with the utmost of dedication and honesty, as well as operating well under pressure. So there you have it, a glimpse into the life of Faizan Mir



36 thoughts on “An Honest Insight

  1. Asjad Saleemi says:

    Faizan. This is so well written man. You are a brilliant writer, along with being a terrific sportsman! Amazing read. One of the best I have read.


  2. Adeel Mian says:

    It feels so good to see that Pakistan has such capable talent and enthusiasm. All Pakistan needs is youth as extrovert as Faizan not only to reboost the dampened image but to take Pakistan to a level where it should to a source of prestige for all. Thank you Faizan for being that source of inspiration and HOPE.


  3. noshanali says:

    You were a fantastic player back in school, your ball control is exceptionally well. I know you love this game and you believe in it. If you keep on playing like I’m sure you’ll be a star one day. And of course you’ve written this amazingly well. Good Luck bro.


  4. Abuzar Durrani says:

    Honestly speaking football was never my game and even knowing the fact that sports form a vital part of a healthy body, it was never on my agenda and still believe that it wouldnt do me no good but there are certain things that you cant let go off and in the final run you realise that it becomes your oxygen, your dependence or simply your mode of life which you cant live without. This was what football meant for Faizan. Ive known this footy maniac for almost around 10 years now and his passion for the game is no where near subsidence and he literally breathes footy :p All the best for your future faizy πŸ™‚


  5. Taimoor Ruhail Qureshi says:

    I never knew you had such a great writting skills, this truely reflects you!. I myself have been watching you glow in football for past 8 years and you never have failed to surprise me with your skills. Even though i often sarcastically tell you that ‘me tujhe apni football team me goalkeeper na rakhun’ but to be honest you are best football player i ever came across and that potential you have, someday i will be buying a ticket to watch your match.!!


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