Just another living thing…

A son to great parents, a brother to beautiful siblings, a true friend to all and, no doubt, genius little boy. Oh wait! Now that I have caught your attention through my title, let me keep it simple and straight now. My name is Muhammad Hamza Ajmal and currently I am a student of Lahore school of economics. I am completing my bachelor degree in marketing and media. Simultaneously, I’m also managing my family business. I have always desired to learn something new and have always believed that faith makes actual facts. Determination and firmness are qualities which I believe are needed to achieve any goal. I am fully resolute in my approach and ready to work at the best of my abilities. I have learned a lot from my experiences and have always found it easy to relate my theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Having been a Beaconite all my life, I believe that I’ve been ingrained with some qualities that a lot claim to have but only a few tend to possess. I make sure I make good of my word on each and every occasion and try to right my wrongs whenever possible. If I decide to complete a task, I put all my energy into making sure that I not only complete it, but also do it to the best of my abilities. I believe that it was due to these qualities that I was selected, unchallenged, as the head of the event management society during my schooling years and hence organized a number of events throughout my time there. I also have a keen interest in working for the betterment of Youth as I strongly believe in the fact that it is the youth which can a huge impact on a nation’s condition. I have also participated in a number of conferences held at national levels which offered different youth training programs. Given such a great, both, opportunity and responsibility, I made sure I made those who believed in me proud. And I like to think that I did. Similarly, studying and managing a business is not as easy as it sounds and I believe it is my un-deterring commitment to my family and myself which makes me wake up every morning eager to face the day, with a smile on my face. As smile is the only solution to all problems. Don’t you all think so?


– Muhammad Hamza Ajmal.



7 thoughts on “Just another living thing…

  1. Rao Saad Omer Khan says:

    Very well written and knowing you personally, you have painted the perfect picture of yourself in such few words. Excellent composition.


  2. Umair says:

    Great piece of work Hamza. The best thing I liked about you is the positivity with which you view life. I wish all the best of luck in your future endeavors!


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