Literary Passion

Today I would like to discuss my passion and love of reading well written novels from those authors that understand the art of how to properly write a story in the form of a that is not only captures your attention but also is an enjoyable and interesting experience. A well written novel includes many important elements which can add a feeling of suspense and excitement which allows readers to enjoy the unique writing style of each author in the many novels that they write. In this way the imaginations of the readers and the writer becomes connected according to how they perceive the personality of each character written in that novel. The actions or thoughts which are written more vividly which is why for me novels are a greater source of entertainment than movies because they give a proper account or detail of how each event and the thoughts of each protagonist or antagonist are connected. For me there are five authors who provide or write the best novels which incorporate these elements and also provide the appropriate amount of suspense. The top five authors are all reviewed personally by me and are rated personally as follows:

5) John Grisham: According to me books like “The Client” and “The Runaway Jury” provides readers which the appropriate blend of suspense and good humor. This author is an expert in incorporates the activities within court rooms and practice of the law interesting. However also has a writing style which makes understanding complex court room practices  easy for anyone to understand and the readers wait for what is going to happen in the next chapter with his interesting blend of protagonists and antagonists in each novel.

4) Brandon Sanderson: Firstly this Became known to me by his work helping another great author Robert Jordan finish his “Wheel of Time” series which can be considered one greatest works of action/ fantasy novels series of all time. Lately his work in the “Stormlight Archieve” with its multiple fascinating characters and his bestselling new novel from this new series “Words of Radiance” is one of the best fiction novels I have ever read.

3) J.R.R. Tolkien: Best known for His acclaimed “Lord of The Rings” series which provides the complete package of action/fantasy and also has multiple protagonists. It is one of those novels which creates a fiction world of its own full of battles and fascinating large detail like creating a new language for the elves that exist in these books.

2) Robert Ludlum: Is best known for the “Jason Bourne” character which he created in his “Jason Bourne” trilogy of novels where he quickly established a reputation as a writer who has a mastery over writing crime fiction. His novels introduce his readers to the world of espionage and give us important insight in how spies operate. It also is filled with exciting action filled sequences and many interesting conspiracies which the readers uncover alongside the main character or many spies or agents in this case.

1)  Agatha Christie: for me is the best writer of the action crime genre where uncovering the crimes that occur in the novels alongside her main characters “Hercule Poirot” and “Jane Marple” is a uniquely entertaining experience. The best thing about her novels is that it is very difficult for the reader to uncover the direction and where the story is headed towards. It is filled with many unexpected events, a unique satirical humor and concepts that challenge for even a clever mind. Uncovering facts from the clues given in each major incident is a fascinatingly entertaining and insightful experience.

“It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people ridiculous that you realize how much you love them”

-Adil Amir



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