While I started writing about my life in LSE hostel, the first thing that came to my mind  was “Everyone is going to think this post is about work, friends, relationships,  assignments, exams, studies and a tough life so no one might bother scrolling down  and reading my post”.


However, this could not demotivate me from writing about  another life in LSE which most of the students are not aware of and I wanted my  words to make them experience the beauty I have seen in this bachelor’s life                   apart  from the usual boring studious life. Living in a room with four roommates seemed tough to me because of the                    different  routines everyone has, different life styles and different conversation mode.


This became even tougher when my elder sister left the hostel and I felt myself in a chaos where I was alone, not cared enough anymore and didn’t have much to have fun  except my  books  and  laptop  with  some  good  TV  series.  But life is more than watching TV series and reading books and I realized this when           I  started mingling with people in my hostel.


It would not be wrong to say that shopping with friends never becomes boring even           if  you go to the same place every day just like I never feel LSE’s liberty shopping trip     on  Wednesday and Saturdays monotonous or boring instead I find new things every    time  from eating gol gappay to window shopping and buying random groceries.

The story will be half told if I don’t mention the beautiful people I am blessed with           who  have once been strangers but now they are more than a family to me.


On every birthday, the celebrations we do, surprises we plan in hostel with limited  facilities yet every effort to make the birthday girl feel special, telling stories and  laughing about  friends, sharing the family problems it feels like we all share our families,  we share our lives and  share  the  truths  we  live  with. Somewhere  somehow the night at LSE never  completes  without  going  out on the roads we run to catch our classes every day.

But after 6pm, those roads are no more the same; they are calm, so calm that                one can  hear the noise of birds, cats and even leaves falling apart from trees and the         cool breeze  which freshens the breath after a day full of assignments and studies.

These few moments after 6pm take me back in the thought of whom I am, what am I  doing and why am I doing this and makes me prepared for a challenge every day be        it   academic  or  personal  or  anything.  To me, LSE is not just a place to study, it is something more, is a place of peace, a  get together with my young family, a celebration every   night   with my room-mates  and a life in which we figure out a way to be happy no matter how tough things   get, to me LSE after 6pm is a time worth seeing.




Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” ― Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora


30 thoughts on “LSE AFTER SIX.

  1. husnain says:

    overtime, lahore school of economics has developed as one of the most prestigious institution in pakistan. this place has many dimensions which can only be discovered once one becomes a part of it. and i agree to the hostel bit. its very charming.

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  2. Very well said !! I could relate this post to my life at LSE hostel !! While being busy rushing here and there during the day we neevr noticed that the place can be beautiful ehich i found out when i used to go out on walk aft 10pm or 11pm and eevrything used to be so quiet and beautiful especially the lights coming from besides beautiful trees and that silence always used to make me feel different about LSE and while people used to think its just a place to be at during the day, i felt falling in love with LSE at night !! thanks for bringing me back to my beautiful memories of my hostellites , roomies, those crazy shopping trips, issues and eevrything ❤

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  3. Its really positive and motivating for a person like me who does not have a good experience of university life, and who does not gets along with people easily. There is one part in this post which just hit my nerve and moved me, i.e. “But life is more than watching TV series and reading books”.

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  4. Aqeel says:

    I along with my classmates once got a chance to stay at Lse after six. It was a tough request to the teacher but we eventually got it approved from the management to conplete our Visual Communication project at the Garden Cafe. We stayed in Lse till 5 in the morning. It was one of the best experiences at Lse so far. It was absolutely calm and relaxing there.
    In the end we didn’t want to leave but we had to because the work was completed and in the morning it was our presentations time.
    I still want to be there in the evening but I knw I will not be allowed.

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  5. USMAN says:

    after reading about the life at LSE after six…I has come to my knowledge that when you r part of an institution such as LSE. these institutions become like home and people around us become makes life easy at any institution

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  6. Times like these I wish I was in a hostel. 😛
    Hostels really bring you into contact with so many different types of people and not just in a classroom or school type of way, you’re with them all day and everyone’s true colours come out. You see people at their best and worst, you might even slowly understand them on a level even their family can’t.
    I’m glad you’re living it up.

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  7. Sheharyar Hussain says:

    A very well written personal experience of the narrator, whose cordial, yet humorous tone has made it easier for the readers to relate to similar experiences majority of the students go through. A must read article!

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  8. zimmi1 says:

    Loved what you wrote and this reminds me of the night that I have stayed at ur room. Lse after 6 is a time worth experiencing. And i felt blessed to experience it with such a lovely people like you ❤

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  9. Fatima Sheikh says:

    Hostel life not only develops the spirit of healthy competition, but also teaches the lesson of mutual cooperation. As a part of the LSE hostel, I can totally relate to this article. Life at LSE after 6 is just so relaxing and refreshing.

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  10. qudsia says:

    Lse is great even after 6 as I have been lucky to have experience Lse before and after 6. Lse taught me how to live and struggle for my dreams. this piece of writing depicts how Lse develops its student’s personality even when they are not in the class room setting……..

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  11. -LSE sure grows on you. There’s no place better than this and after 6 LSE’s just a beauty. I really wish LSE had night classes so that all the students could have some kind of night life here. It’s just great. And about the hostels and hostel life; I’m lucky to be a part of it. 🙂

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  12. Usman Asif says:

    Very well expressed. I always thought that it would be a dull and horifying life after 6 at lse but i am shocked that u ppl have this much fun after 6 too there. This reading of urs literally changed my thinking about lse after 6.

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