Success is what most people dream of accomplishing. To reach our heart’s desire is the ultimate goal. Although we live with different purposes in life, it is the main reason why we stand, why we strive and why we continue to live… to be successful!
Now, the big question is how can we achieve success? according to me a successful person is one who is very motivated and dedicated towards his or her work.  successful people are those who can pick themselves up,choose a path and work on it with full level of motivation to complete their aims and goals. some people say that few lucky people are by birth success as they have money and all the pleasure and blessing of life well i cannot say much about that because that is the decision of Al-mighty Allah,but on the other hand you can stand with these god gifted people on the same level of success only if you are well motivated and dedicated with your work. Finally, motivation is a crucial leadership skill. In time that you have the need to attain success, worries will surely arise. If we really want to achieve everything we set out to achieve, being strong and staying motivated is key. In the end i would like to say stay motivated stay successful 🙂




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