Utopian Addict

Our lives are full of new experiences every single day. It is filled with the highs and the lows, grief and sorrows but mostly joyous occasions. An ability that is greatly enhanced through the various experiences of one’s life is his creativity. Every single human being views life in new ways or from a completely different perspective. They have been blessed with a unique ability to develop new objects or new ideas. This is when a person is said to be “creative.” Due to creativity individuals are unique in their thoughts, actions and behavior. If a person has ideas but does not act upon them, then he is called imaginative but not creative. Creative people are full of energy and full of wonder who think outside the box. A person with the least of the resources, I would say has the greatest possibility of being creative. This plays a major role in developing a person’s personality.


As I walk down the memory lane I see myself as an introvert who has never wanted to face the world. This might be bit cruel for me myself but unfortunately it is quite true. I always portrayed myself as a hero for all generations to come just like Superman and Batman with a world full evil all around me but just in a room. I called my room an ‘Imaginary box,’ where I could lie down easily and plan on how to save the world. Too proud even to watch the super hero cartoons and I being a mature child always believed that heroes lived in us. They just needed to be exposed at the right time. I remember having sleepless nights due to continuous planning on how to save my school or the president of our country in order to save him from a terrorist attack. The common path in all the plans was usually an underground tunnel. I am sure you would be finding this quite dumb and funny as you read along but was how I was. I can proudly say ‘not anymore.’


Living in my own Utopian world with my door always locked far away from the world and its people I could easily ignore the reality. This was where I was just an ordinary child who used to crave for ice cream and chocolates. There was something in my mind that made me believe that I am the greatest and could surpass all mankind. To this day I still am finding that narrow underground tunnel for the urge to achieve greatness. One never knows what the next step might bring yo you.

– Syed Ali Murtaza Qutb


“If you actually succeed in creating a utopia, you’ve created a world without conflict, in which everything is perfect. And if there’s no conflict, there are no stories worth telling – or reading!”- Veronica Roth

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20 thoughts on “Utopian Addict

  1. zahra buhkari says:

    I agree with you, Ali Murtaza! Imagination and creativity are two different things. Now I have started thinking that I should also look for that narrow tunnel to achieve something big.

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  2. umair77718 says:

    A very well written article depicting the reality of the imagination that we are faced with … In some cases it helps but in other cases it can prove to be devastating as well … because having visionary aims that otherwise seem impracticable leave people with little hope as they know they are far from getting a hand to their imagination but through conjectural thoughts …. well done Ali for making this concept conspicuous when it demanded so …

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  3. Shazeb says:

    Well thought out. We all reside uniquely in our own little worlds that our thoughts contrive. I find comfort in learning that I wasn’t the only one having experienced something similar.

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  4. Maria Ali says:

    Ali, you’re not the only one who considered himself a hero, everyone believes that they are a hero – only the definition differs. However, one needs to know how to fight the demons he has brushed under the rug. That’s the only way he can survive and succeed.

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  5. Mahnoor says:

    Well written and interesting. Imagination takes you to your perfect world where there is no one else important other than you, where you can make visionary plans to be successful but in reality its difficult to act upon those plans, but if you would find your way to fulfil them you will be unique, creative and successful.

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