Car Racing

Everyone in the world has its habit or passion which keeps him busy in his life and makes his life more interesting. Someone has a habit of sports or pet keeping etc. but main passion is very interesting that is car racing Every Saturday night during my holidays I get to experience a rush and addiction which is driving my race car. Sitting there with anticipation, strapped in with all my seat belts so tight I can’t move. I am holding the steering wheel so tight my knuckles are white, looking around and knowing the other drivers want to win as badly as I do, all of us just waiting for the officials to wave us onto the track. Out on the track, I am lined up in tenth place, the fifth row, on the outside and rolling slowly bumper to bumper and side by side. I feel the guy behind my nudging me with anxiousness, hitting my bumper wanting to unleash the car he pilots. The sound of the cars all revving their engines to clean out the cobwebs, I shake my head and breathe deep, all my senses are acute. The smell of racing gas in my nose, the vibration of horsepower ready at my feet and hands straining to leap like a horse out of the gate. My hands grip the wheel while the flagman holds the green flag close to him, waiting to let us go. The green flag waves out and I smash the gas pedal to the floor, all I hear is the roar of the exhaust. I drive into the corner side by side with fenders scraping, I can smell my brakes getting hot as I try to slow down to take the corner, the high pitch of rubber squealing and the smell of it burning in my nose. I feel I am driving the car well past what it was designed to do, taking it to its limits, the car is sliding a bit sideways as I hit the pedal to the floor again. Salty sweat is running down my forehead from the heat, it is burning my eyes, making it hard to see. My head is forced against the right side of my seat head rest from the G force of the car powering around the corner. And race start after whistle.

I modify my car with nose, a boost gauge, an inter-cooler possibly, a better intake manifold, a turbo management system, cold air intake. This is expensive passion but I love to modify a car. This passion is fettle to life but I am trying to reduce it because it is very dangerous and risk for your life but When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough.

alia zhar


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