My Inner World

As we all know it’s very difficult to express one’s self in front of people. The other person perceives you differently but coming towards myself I believe I am a simple and straight forward person. What I think about myself is that I am very fond of exploring the world. Socializing can be called my forte and my hobby as well. I welcome every type of person. Meeting people from different walks of life gives you a good insight into understanding life. Socializing is not all about going to cafes with friends or random hangout I randomly go to different educational and political program to socialize people with different class and professions. I actively participated in social awareness campaigns and work for needy people.

I love to converse with people of different cultures and beliefs and hear how they conduct their life. I can easily mingle with every kind of person and have the ability to manipulate them and get desired result with help of my experience. I came across different types of people with different mindset so it’s easy for me to have a good long conversation. Information about their thinking as you know it’s very difficult to get someone personnel thinking. I go to different places in Pakistan and in other countries too to get their lifestyle and experiences. Meeting new people is such pleasure for me and I would love to travel the world now. This characteristic of socializing has developed my interest in going to travel the world. I have met so many people that I feel like writing about them. But I believe I need to explore the world more and gain more knowledge to write about them. The more I meet people the more I want to explore more.


"Any man who does not have his inner world to translate is not an artist." -Theophile Gautier

“Any man who does not have his inner world to translate is not an artist.”
-Theophile Gautier


40 thoughts on “My Inner World

  1. Ghulam mustafa jatoi says:

    a very well writen expression .. I realy like your writing payern nd its hard to get into people from diferent mind set
    Keep it up boy


  2. Nawabzada ghulam nabi says:

    i like travelling too thats why i love your thinking .. Very well done
    Hooe to see more better things from you in future
    Keep it up 😊


  3. Ch Taimur gujjar says:

    Well done. Nice to see you style of thinking and its really diffcult tast to inderstand oeople of different mind set
    Good luck
    Keep it up


  4. Mariam Raisani says:

    To meet with people from different culture and convince them to what you thinking is really diffcullt task.
    I love to see you writing your personal experiences


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