My life – Club Life

My name is Fawad Sheikh and i’m 21 years old. In these 21 years, i personally think that i have experienced so much in life that a man would experience normally in 40 years, except marriage off course – I like being single! This blog I’m writing is to share some things of my life with you. When i was 11 years old, i heard the first ‘Trance’ of my life. If you don’t know what trance is, it is a genre of music that is played by clubs now a days at a bpm (beats per minute) of 28-40. I loved this music, it made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. it intrigued me! life went on and my interest in ‘Electronic music’ grew during the years. One day i saw my friend’s picture on Facebook with a turntable and that was the moment i decided that i wanted to be a Disk Jockey. I started using a basic mixing software on my laptop to get started. in 2010, i went to Canada for one year to get my high school diploma from Toronto. I went there and got myself a Numark disk jockey turntable which was the first step i took towards this club life. Since then, I’ve been DJ-ing at private and public parties. And my greatest inspiration is the worlds most famous DJ – TIESTO! who’s concert i attended twice in my life till now.

Now people know me as ‘DJ Fad’ and i have a pioneer DDJ – S1. I have started producing my own music as well which is on sound cloud. Because i love my culture, i wanted to keep one of the most magical voices of Pakistan alive which is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan so i remixed his tracks which are also there on my sound cloud profile.

I would like to conclude with the statement – ‘I get paid to PARTY’ and i’m living my dream!

Souncloud Link :


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