“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

When I was six, I used to wake up every day with a new dream. With new places, with new people around me in that dream. I used to be the type of kid who always thought that the sky is falling, why am I so differently weird in my emotions and perceptions. I As I grew up I realized that I was fond of travelling. I promised myself that I’ll travel the world and make my dreams come true. Traveling and looking at the natural and artificial beauty seek the center of my attention. According to me we are just living inside a small box and if we only stay in one corner of that box then how can we stay satisfied? Scientists have discovered that there are millions of galaxies, millions of planets but our excess is to only our Mother Earth and if we are not even seeing it then what is the purpose of our life. “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I started my journey from my own country, travelling to different cities meeting different people with different culture, languages, food, colors, and conceptions. I feel amazing that from north to south, my first trip was in the age of 8 but I do not remember anything about that trip because I was only 8 years old. Then I traveled to Muree in the age of 12 years. It was a good place in Pakistan to visit. The people living there were simple and they have no fear of anything. They were living a simple life. They were very friendly and loving people. I always remember that incident when I came out from the hotel and I forgot the way to hotel. I met a person who helped me to meet my parents safe and sound. The next trip was to northern areas of Pakistan Naran and Kaghan, this is the best place which I visit in Pakistan. Almost thousands of tourists visit this place in summer season. This place is closed in winter season because of heavy snowfall. People living in that place migrate to other places in the winter season. The local people are friendly and peaceful.The places near Naran Kaghan are lake Saiful Muluk, the impact of the lake’s beauty is of such extent that people believe that fairies come down to the lake in the full moon. Lalazar is also a place to visit near Naran which is a lush green meadow with full of wild flowers and pine and fir forest. A large green plateau gives a lovely view of the valley below. There are many other places which I visited and enjoyed a lot such as Karachi, Quetta and Gilgit. My passion is to travel the whole world to explore the world looking at what nature made for us and what we have done with it but not from my parents money but I’ll earn by myself and then travel and explore the whole world. Traveling is the passion which is adopted by very less people but traveling to different places meeting different people gaining different experiences makes our life full of excitement.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  ― Rumi

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
― Rumi

-Soban Idrees


3 thoughts on ““Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

  1. Intasar ul Haq says:

    Nice attempt (y)
    travelling is a good passion it expands the mind.
    Quran also favours travelling
    [6:11]”Say, “Travel through the land; then observe how was the end of the deniers.”
    So keep remember the Holy verse in your mind,
    may your dreams come true. Aameen


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