Educational systems of Pakistan!!

 Pakistani society has been divided into two parts due to discrimination in education system. It has two educational systems Urdu and English medium. Usually system of Urdu medium is for the poor ones while English medium is for the elite class. These two mediums have created large differences among the youngsters of the society. The main cause of two education system is poverty and awareness. Urdu medium system contains local education such as matriculation and intermediate while English medium system offers foreign education like O and A levels

.10751948_714354861981269_907941218_nOnly 49.9% of people are literate in Pakistan and every year there is an increase in dropout rate from Government schools; this is mainly because of absence of teachers and out dated syllabus. The huge difference between the two systems is that curriculum of Urdu medium schools is not upto the mark and is not revised regularly, while English medium schools have an updated curriculum which is revised every year. These days English language has became an important part of every society as it help  people to communicate around the globe. Urdu medium schools lack this important aspect due to which students lack behind from others. A teacher plays an important role in a child’s life; the teachers of Urdu medium schools are not well trained and neither well educated. English medium schools are usually private and Urdu medium schools are under the control of Government. Due to lack of funds Urdu medium schools lack behind the technological advancements unlike English medium schools. Due to lack of these facilities students of Urdu medium schools don’t pay attention towards their studies and lack behind from rest of the world.


There is a rule in Pakistan, the more you pay, the more you get and this happens in the educational systems too. For example Urdu medium schools offer less fee and they do not provide a good standard of education while English medium schools charge high fee and provide a good environment for children to learn more. We can see today that a child from urdu medium school is considered to be inferior than a child of English medium school.This creates differences in the society. These gaps don’t allow children to treat each other equally.

When children grow up with these differences, their personalities are surely affected. Students of English medium schools are preferred at university level and in offices. At university since most courses focus upon English language English medium students who usually are better with this language often earn a better grade; while students of urdu medium schools lack confidence and creativity. They don’t know about the technological advancements and lack behind in speaking skills. They can not apply abroad or for a good post in any firm . While student of English medium schools have knowledge about technological advancement, they are preferred by large institutes and they are able to apply abroad easily in short they are able to ace all the problem easily which occur while making their career.

Government can play a major role to bridge these gaps. When this issue will be resolved the discrimination because of education will reduce and Unemployment rate will decrease. If the basic needs will be fulfilled, our country will prosper and progress and it is beneficial for the economy of Pakistan.

“I believe the government should ensure all children are provided with a good education.”

Jacqueline Novogratz


The change we want!! Equality for Every One…


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