Hidden Treasures of Pakistan

August 14, 1947 was the day of birth of Pakistan, consisting of East Bengal, a part of Assam (Sylhet), Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan. Pakistan was created on the name of Islam. Thousands of people died in the migration from India to Pakistan. Quaid e Azam was the leader who worked day and night for the creation of Pakistan. After the death of Quaid many leader came but only to enjoy the power and spent their lavish life. The country has immense reserves of various minerals and natural resources. Important minerals found in Pakistan are gypsum, limestone, chromite, iron ore, rock salt, silver, gold, precious stone, marble, copper, coal, graphite sulpher etc. The salt range in Punjab Province has the largest deposit of pure salt found anywhere in the world. Baluchistan province is a mineral-rich area having substantial mineral, oil and gas reserves which have not been exploited to their full capacity or fully explored, recent government policies have begun to develop this region of the country and to tap into the immense resources found there. The province has significant quantities of copper, chromite and iron, and pockets of antimony and zinc in the south and gold in the far west. Natural gas was discovered near Sui in 1952, and the province has been gradually developing its oil and gas projects over the past fifty years.

Major reserves of copper and gold in Balochistan’s rekodiq area have been discovered in early 2006. The rekodiq mining area has proven estimated reserves of 2 billion tons of copper and 20 million ounces of gold. According to the current market price, the value of the deposits has been estimated at about $65 billion, which would generate thousands of jobs.

The discovery has ranked rekodiq among the world’s top seven copper reserves. The rekodiq project is estimated to produce 200,000 tons of copper and 400,000 ounces of gold per year, at an estimated value of $1.25 billion at current market prices. The copper and gold are currently traded at about $5,000 per ton and $600 per ounce respectively in the international market.

KPK accounts for at least 78% of the marble production in Pakistan. Pakistan is home to some of the finest and purest grades of marble, granite and slate found in the world. Much of the grades A Marble that is exported out of European countries like Italy actually have their origins in Pakistan which previously lacked fine polishing and processing machinery. The Government has taken steps to invest in this crucial sector with the recent establishment of a Marble City within Baluchistan.

Nature has done its task by blessing our country with so many minerals. Now we need an honest and credible leadership which make correct use of these minerals in the benefit of the country. Correct use of these minerals will not only make Pakistan economically and financially but for hundred thousands of people and soon Pakistan will become one the most prosperous country in the world.


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