The Beauty Of Pakistan

Every feature of this country be it architecture, weather or tradition has a story of its own which is worth appreciating. The northern areas of this country are spell binding. Mountains such as K-2, waterfalls, fruit and flower gardens and the traditions practiced by the northern tribes all play a part in attracting Pakistanis as well as foreigners to witness this paradise and be in awe.

Saif_ul_Maluk              deosai-1               ASD

The culture of all the four provinces of Pakistan is gripping and rich but the culture which is most influential is that of the Mughal dynasty with their architecture style, impressive designs are liked and appreciated by everyone who witnesses it be it the Shalimar Gardens or the Badshahi mosque. Different kinds of languages like Saraiki, Pashtu, Balochi and Punjab exist in Pakistan. Pakistan experiences the four season’s summer, winter, autumn and spring a blessing that only a few can achieve.


Pakistan is a truly amazing and blessed country and one should pay it a visit to experience the full beauty that this country has to offer.


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