The Life of Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani drama started its journey with PTV in 1964. With very little budget and other facilities the industry flourished on its talent .Pakistani drama set its own class and it gave a new introduction to Pakistan and its society.

PTV gave birth to some classics such as Waris, Afshan, Tanhaiyan Andhera Ujala and Chaon. It also introduced our great writer such as Anwar Maqsood, Haseena moin, bano qudsiya and there is a never ending list. It was the golden era of Pakistani dramas

“It has been said when ever new episode of Waris was casted; roads of whole Pakistan were become free of traffic”.

"Golden drama of 90's

“Golden drama of 90’s

PTV reigned alone in Pakistan but late 90’s came with competition from the neighboring country. The historical Star Plus was introduced in our households giving birth to the “Saas bahu sagas”. For ten years our mothers, sisters and wives cried with Tulsi, Parvati and wore kashishs jewelry n clothes.

Star plus saga which rule Pakistani drama for many years

Star plus saga which rule Pakistani drama for many years

It was HUM TV who not just brought Pakistani drama viewers back but it made our drama popular in the whole world. Hum tv is only the channel who actually attracted me too because they introduced the new way of thinking. Most of their dramas revolved around the vicious circle of poverty, a miserable daughter-in-law suffering at the hands of her evil in-laws, societal customs, dowry issues, giving birth to a male child or the perfect “rishta”(proposal). Indeed these are issues which need to be addressed in dramas or movies .Hum TV tackled the norms in our society but with style and glamour.

the amazing dramas by Pakistanis

the amazing dramas by Pakistanis

One such example is “Humsafar” drama. It actually brought me back to the world of dramas. A very simple story dealt with style, suitable cast and attractive presentation was shown. The love between Ashr and khirad made us forget all Tulsis and Parvatis.

One of my best drama  em completely crazy about it.

One of my best drama
em completely crazy about it.

Once what Indian channels did to our industry now our dramas are doing to them i.e stealing our viewership. ‘Zingdagi” channel has seeped in all our blockbusters dramas in india. Humsafar is one such drama which has gained immense popularity there too.

Anupam Kher an Indian actor openly said:

“I am impressed by the perfection of diction and the smoothness with which they deliver Urdu dialogues in Pakistani dramas.”

“We have been teaching Pakistani dramas in our academies for quite some time and even the Indian audience admires Pakistani dramas like the Pakistani audience admires Bollywood films.”

Hum tv are doing great job as far as concerned about drama and our drama is now reflecting true picture of our society and its problems. Some channels are still playing dramas of other countries such as India and Turkey but these dramas are just good to fantasize and such dramas do not reflect our social issues. Therefore there is no need to play drama of other countries as our drama is too good to entertain a viewer and enough to give some good lesson to our society.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”  ― George Bernard Shaw

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
― George Bernard Shaw


30 thoughts on “The Life of Pakistani Dramas

  1. Sardar Bilal Akbar Jatoi says:

    i love humsafar they both act amazing
    i love that couple. i love how you write starting with ptv drama and than talk about the hum tv
    very well wriitten
    good luck


  2. Afifa chohan says:

    Thats so girlish Hassan. but its great to see that some have chosen this topic who is not much in dramas and all that stuff
    very well written.


  3. zain Tahir Baloch says:

    I am not fond of reading blogs, to be honest i never read any blog. its my frist experience thats simply amazing and well written
    i love humsafar too. ❤


  4. Azka dorrani says:

    Very well written. i love the Pakistani dramas most of the time i love to see humsafar. you must have to mention its songs i mean something on humsafars songs thats amazing.
    keep writing
    good luck


  5. Ali Gill says:

    i am not fond of watching Pakistani dramas but after reading this i ave to watch HUMSAFAR now.
    amazed by your writing style very informative
    good luck


  6. Haseeb Ahmed says:

    I have read your whole blog its amazing.Simply amazing. i Wish you keep writing and give us more information like this.
    very well done 🙂


  7. Ali peerzada says:

    Before reading this article i dont have any information about drama but after reading it atleast now i am able to answer some questions about dramas. Very informative article
    Hassan keep writing
    Good luck


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