About Us


Life! Ever wondered why the lives of each and every person differ so much? Why so many different experiences to learn from? The sole answer to this is Creativity. Our lives are full of new experiences every single day. Filled with the highs and the lows, grief and sorrows but mostly joyous occasions, creativity is the ability that has been developed through the various experiences of one’s life. The view of life of each and every person differs completely.

People have been blessed with a unique ability to develop new objects or new ideas. This is when a person is said to be “creative.” Due to creativity individuals are unique in their thoughts, actions and behavior. Creative people are full of energy and full of wonder who think outside the box.
Through this blog called “Creative Ink” we have given a great opportunity to the students who just got out of their teenage life to share their experiences with the people around the globe. Now people will be able to learn and enhance their ways to live a creative life.

Our Team:

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