1890998_733075086733189_1148819892_n  Pakistanis are basically those men and women complaining about their country every second. Talk to a country fellow and their list wouldn’t come to an end regarding how worried they are by the unrest and political issues of the country. Every person living here is unsatisfied and living an underrated life except for THOSE off-course! So many issues we have here, so many complains, so much injustice at time too, but yet something unites us. Despite all the problems every Pakistani faces here we are reluctant to leave this country. The reason is that none of us hates Pakistan, we just hate those problems and we know we can overcome certain disputes just by showing little courtesy towards our beloved country.

Poetry by our National poet Allama Iqbal.

Poetry by our National poet Allama Iqbal.

There was a man, a man who fought hard, who made sure Muslims in the sub-continent (Indo-Pakistan) get their own 120458-ohome land to prove their identity and presence. This man was Jinnah, even the most powerful people of that time couldn’t buy him off. Due to his hard work and determinacy we Muslims whom were previously living in a Hindu dominating society knows as the Indian subcontinent are living in a free country today. Thank-you Jinnah, unfortunately Pakistan is not what you wanted it to be but there’s a shining beacon of hope as the people of Pakistan are exactly what you wanted them to be, they LOVE their country.

Democracy is in the blood of Musalmans, who look upon complete equality of manhood (mankind) and believe in fraternity, equality and liberty.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan is among the beauty of Asia, the country is blessed with four seasons making it a fruitful country. It is enriched with cultures. Pakistan is a blend of various cultures spread over four provinces of the country.

punjab culture

The north side of the country is an immense beauty, to the extreme north6758221791_e639fb340a_zNeelum-Valley there is heaven on earth, Kashmir. There is no beauty as this place. The Karakoram Highway is the greatest wonder of modern Pakistan and one of the most spectacular roads in the world. Connecting Pakistan to China, it twists through three great mountain ranges, the Himalayas and Karakoram.

Punjab is the most enriched province of Pakistan, all the seasons and soil is suitable for various agricultures. The heart of this province is Lahore, everything about this city is historical. images (1) Although Lahore may not be Pakistan’s capital city, it wins hands down as its cultural, intellectual and artistic hub. If history and architecture are your passion there’s an evocative mix, from formidable Mughal monuments to faded legacies of the British Raj. Indeed, even a ramble around the Old City can unfold into a mini-adventure.

The province of Balochistan in Pakistan contains most of historical Balochistan and is named after the Baloch. Neighboring regions are Iranian Balochistan to the west, Afghanistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to the north and Punjab and Sindh to the east. To the south is the Arabian Sea. The principal languages in the province are Balochi, Pashto and Persian. The capital and largest city is Quetta.

sindi culturee

The second largest province of the country is Sindh. Sind is one of the four provinces in Pakistan located at the Southern border. The province of Sind has its name derived from the famous River Indus. Karachi is the main city here. This province offers a variety of pleasant attractions: wide sunny beaches, deep-sea fishing, yachting, golf and horseracing all year round. Hyderabad, Moenjodaro, Sukkar, Thar and Rohri are the prominent historical places here.

Due to its richness in cultures and art, Pakistan makes its own dominant mark in the world and attract tourists. Apart from these factors, what still makes Pakistan strong and powerfull are the people living here whom all still somewhat ”ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”.

Guinness world record of world's largest human flag made by Pakistan.

Guinness world record of world’s largest human flag made by Pakistan.



-Aisha Aftab

-Aisha Aftab



yo Writing about one’s own self may not be that easy for some people but I personally love exploring
67554c3f9b06e5d1f2c68dc198ebb1abmy thoughts. In such a competitive world, it’s extremely hard to prove yourself to the world. There’s a saying ‘’First impression is the last’’, some might agree and some or majority may disagree. Obviously you need a long time to pass your judgment about a person, but why would you even want to give someone a second shot whose first impression is not appealing enough to approach him/her the second time.

It’s important for every person to have inner beauty, but reality is without perfect outer appearance it’s not that easy to mark your presence except if you are carrying certain extra ordinary qualities! If this is not the bitter truth, there might not have been these much dietitians and cosmetic surgeons around and not every woman at the age of thirty would want to get a Botox!

One is never over or under dressed in black -Karl Lagerfeld

One is never over or under dressed in black -Karl Lagerfeld

”I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men -Marlene Dietrich” 

As there is growing great importance for outer beauty and huge scope for stylists, fashion designers and personal trainers, I am planning to start my own clothing line soon.Every person has now realized the importance and power of great looks and everyone wants to be either the trend setter or the trend follower of the world. I have a great taste in fashion, I follow top fashion blogs like Kayture, play with colors and patterns, I watch fashion weeks and just worship those clothes made by my favorite fashion designers like Ellie Saab, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Mcqueen and Valentino.

PFW CHANEL-Feminist protests and slogans


Karl Lagerfel’s new look for chanel, feminist protest and slogans is the biggest drama seen at Paris Fashion Week on ”Chanel Boulevard”. The designer created a whole new look making the brand’s image larger than life!


’Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world -Marilyn Monroe’’, this applies to every individual in today’s world.


Nobody can succeed without giving their hundred percent and you surely can’t give your hundred percent in something that your heart and brain are not coordinating in, that will make you a robot. So follow your heart and never do something that gives you no peace of mind.

10386359_742706929097769_4567768175686079394_n 13 YEAR-OLD DESIGNER HITS NEWYORK FASHION WEEK. Watch this inspirational story of a young talented girl who is already in fashion market.


Having not going to a fashion school doesn’t mean I can’t prove myself as a fashion designer, those are the skills I have inside me and I plan on using my marketing degree for selecting the best marketing and advertising techniques for my own clothes. It’s extremely important to look good and everyone has a right to look fab and your clothes really matter. In the end Fashion fades but your style is eternal, so how you carry and what you carry does matter at all times.

Every day is a fashion-show and this world is your runway’’ -Coco chanel

“Every day is a fashion-show and this world is your runway’’
-Coco chanel


Peach love creation.



Gold does it always.