‘Pakistan A Proud Nation’

Pakistani cricket fans cheer during the Pakistan and India ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final match on a large screen inside the grounds of a stadium in Lahore

     “When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite.”    –William Blake

We have seen media always talking about the failure of Pakistan. The negative and worse side of Pakistan is shown. It is easy to escape from the truth and the aspects that made this country what it actually is. A truly great nation, that stands by each other.

                                                   ‘United we Stand, divided we fall’.

  • World Class educational Institutions:

Pakistan has one of the finest universities. The field of education is improving day by day. The quality of education is also getting better. it has universities like: Agha khan, Lahore University of management sciences, Lahore School of Economics, Fast, National university of science and technology, IBA etc.

  • Ali Moeen Nawazish, he is a Pakistani student notable for passing 23 A-levels, a world record. He made everyone so proud. He got 21 A’s, a B and a C. He made a record in himself.


  • Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa is another good example. At the age of 9, she became Microsoft certified professional. The youngest in the world till 2008. She was invited by ‘Bill Gates’ to visit the Microsoft headquarters in the USA. This little girl made all Pakistanis extremely proud.

 Arfa Karim Randhawa with bill gatesa

  • Malala Yousafzai who is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel price recipient. She put her life in danger just to create awareness in people that education is an important part of our lives. In her Opinion, every women should be educated because then only she can stand for her rights.


                   She says ‘One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the World’


  • One of the most independent Media:

Pakistan has one of the most independent media. Thus, thinkers and scholars and publicly express their views and are not bound.

 14 - 1

  • Land of the Music Legends:

Pakistan has an amazing talent in music line. Our talent is not only recognized by our country but also by our neighbor country, India. We have Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Atif aslam, Mehdi hasan, Ali zafar and many more. They all have achieved a lot in their life. All are given love and respect by their fans.


  • Tourism in Pakistan:





These are some of the good tourism sites. Pakistan is a beautiful country. It has a number of cities. It is no less then any other country. I have visited the northern areas of Pakistan and they are extremely beautiful and so close to nature. People are very helpful and kind to you, if you don’t belong to that place. They guide you and treat you as their guests.

 “We are going to sky, who wants to come with us? We have gone to heaven, we have been the friends of the angels, And now we will go back there, for there is our country.”  –Rumi

  • Pakistan joined the aerospace club by producing its own aircraft:

Pakistan is among the few countries in the world that produce its own aircraft. Thus, our aeronautical industry shares the likes of those in the US, France, China, Sweden.

  • Art:

Pakistan has produced master artists such as Sadeqain, Abdur Rahman Chughtai, Ustad Allah Baksh, Shakir Ali and others whose work is not only recognized in this part of the world but is the predominant feature of many art auctions all over the world. Our artists are the product of a rich cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years.


  • Army:

Pakistan has the best army in the world. They might don’t have the same great equipments as the American military but the best ground army we have. They make us proud in every phase. They are the powerful force in the world. They are not scared of death or their families who they love but they are giving their best for the name of the country. They are fighting for the nation. They are living a tough life while providing their people a safe and easy life. During time of war the Pakistani military has proved it’s superiority by defeating the much larger Indian army in two wars, forcing India to appeal to the UN for a ceasefire. Additionally the Pakistani army is actively involved in successfully fighting terrorism every single day.





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    A Journey from Heaven to Hell

    Photo 09-11-2014 06 35 36 pm

    ‘The people feel and look the same, like they’ve settled here even though they know there’s something more-something better-just beyond where they are’

    Well it has been many years since I’ve shifted to Lahore from Islamabad. The place where I was brought up. The memories of childhood have their own kind of nostalgia. No matter if it’s the past period of a man’s life, it still is part of us. The charm of it can never be forgotten and explained. I used to be a different person. More fun, loving. The world seemed to be place of joy and happiness to me. At that moment, there was nothing to be worried about. I had friends who admired me. My friends made the college life worth it. My town left the biggest impact on me. I got a lot of my personality. As I remember I was always in somebody’s army. Never Alone! I think that was the time, I was me, myself.

    Although my hometown might seem boring and confusing to anyone from the outside looking in, it makes perfect sense to me. Sitting at the foothills of Margalla mountains feels great. My town is known for its picturesque nature and peace. The most important thing about the city that I like is its lush green surroundings and clean environment. There is greenery everywhere. On the one hand it also offers visual delight which make the environment healthy. It’s the place where I felt I could be anything. But time flies, here I am well settled and doing fine with my life in LSE. It was hard in the starting but with time I managed. I was a very quiet and silent person when I came to Lahore. As I don’t open up that easily. Now, whenever I look myself in the mirror, I laugh thinking ‘The storm has passed, and I survived. Never thought I could be that strong to fight back.


    I am doing just fine in Lse now. Made friends, enjoy life. As far as my studies are concerned, I think I am a marketing person as I think I have the convincing power to make people believe what I feel. I have volunteered at various places. Specially, for Shaukat khanam twice for raising funds for people who need money for their cancer treatment. Helping needy people gives me satisfaction and makes me feel good about myself.

    As part from all these, I like to do activities for myself. I am a good swimmer for which I was nominated to take part in the final competition in Sports Complex Islamabad. Yoga is another exercise that relaxes my mind and soul. I do it for my inner satisfaction. It makes me forget all the tensions for some time. I also like to write, which helps me express my opinion. I have a blog which discuss about the political instability and all problems in general which is faced by common man. I have also written a book for a course which was published. ‘Trails & Tribulations’ was the name of my book. It had different sections discussing various topics and sharing my experience. I prefer writing in my personal diary when I am alone. Traveling is another hobby of mine. Seeing each and every part of the world is so amazing. I have been to Netherland and UK. From which Netherland is beautiful where one can see lesser people whereas cows in more number. I have also seen the northern areas of Pakistan which are extremely delightful. One quality about myself, that is important to me is my passion for wanting to help animals. My fondness for Persian cats is great. Animals are the best companion and a long-lasting friend.


    ‘As Humans we long for that authenticity and sense of self. Being able to have some sort of encounter with them is important for our own sense of being’.