In 21 Years Time

We can easily count our bedplongings and achievements in a minute, but drawing out our inner self is always the hardest part. I am a simple, next door individual whose life is as ordinary as yours. As a child, I had never imagined myself lesser than a world class commercial pilot. I remember the first time I rode a helicopter, the world beneath appeared so small that I felt like controlling all of it. I was only seven then. I must mention here that all my schooling years, I remained a high scoring, yet least hard working student. No matter how hard we strive and how far we reach, the conclusion is somewhat a disappointment, because one single hit has the ability to throw you back to the Stone Age. To me, milestones are the greatest lies in the world, as once you start to live your dream, it becomes your reality and ultimately, you lose the whole charm. Devoting yourself to something that will last a few days before your death, and ignoring your purpose for creation the whole time is all I have heard during my entire lifetime. Having an aim in your life is believed to be the most vital part of one’s personality, so what if I develop an aim, strive for it, make it happen, become happy for a moment and then what? I will still be an ordinary man in history, somewhere in Pakistan, who lived for decades, maybe rose to fame… and then sadly, one day, he went on a journey which still remains unexplored, haunting, unending and down the ground.
So what if we stop trying too hard, running before the silliest of things and start learning the basics that no school will ever teach us. To begin with, we can start loving the very few people we deal with everyday, make them feel special and happy, stay contented with what we possess because no qualification or occupation exists in this world which can lead you to become a person who actually has ‘everything’. In short, there are eight billion people on this planet, who are fighting vigorously to get out of it.