Pakistani? Oh Yes I am!!

I was sitting all alone by my window thinking of the recent bomb blast in the city. I was terrified at the thought of people screaming and lying hopelessly on the ground. The thought of hundreds of people lying on the ground, covered in their own blood left me aghast. Who was responsible of this bloodshed in the country? Who was responsible for the daily target killings? Who is responsible for all this? These questions were killing me from inside. I could no longer bear the pain. I started crying, crying for my dear land, Land of Pakistan!

I remember what my grandmother told me, how this country came into being after a million of sacrifices! I don’t know what has gone wrong with us. Why have we forgotten our true identity? Why do we try to live a life like that of the foreigners, people of the West? I just can’t understand!

Today, people in Pakistan are proud to call themselves Punjabis, Sindhis, Pathans, Muhajirs etc. but when it comes to being a Pakistani, we all feel ashamed.
Why don’t we people realize that we are all a part of a family, a family of Pakistan? We are all sisters and brothers and we need to support each other in every aspect of life instead of fighting with our own brothers.

Every day, we sing our national anthem with pride and gusto but have we ever stopped and thought upon its words? What do they mean? Our national anthem says that the order of this sacred land is the might of the brotherhood of its people. Do we act upon these words? Are we living a united life? No, we are not! So why do we sing this national anthem daily when we don’t act upon its words?

But still I believe that someday, maybe someday, this pure land of Pakistan will be transformed into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. Sooner or later, we will be exempted from harsh calamities one way or another. A day not far enough, will soon arrive, the day when we will all stand together acting upon the three words … Unity, Faith and Discipline!

This country is falling into decline, I know. But I also know that it’s not someone else but ourselves who are responsible for the decline of our country. It’s because of us that our country is falling into debt. Yes, it is because of us only. We, the younger generation, have to put it on the right track, to make it free from all hatred, from all prejudice against our own brothers.

Well, whatever may happen, wherever I may go, I just want to say that “I am proud to be a Pakistani!” I will try my best to save my country from all evil and will always be ready to give my life for it.
Common Pakistanis !!



It’s About Time

I can remember the time when I was first introduced to the practical world; it was about a couple of years ago. I remember how my father wept when I first went to his office, it seemed as if all his dreams had come true. Throughout my life, I had been an average son, but it was my father who made me feel special. To be honest, I fall in love with my parents everyday. I was provided with everything but never realized from where it came and kept on demanding more and more, but my parents never showed a single sign of discomfort. Although they expected a lot from me which now I fear I would not be able to come up to their expectations. My entire life is now revolving around when and how should I deliver that is expected from me. A father wants his son to carry on his legacy and a mother wants her son to become a shadow of protection for her remaining life.

It’s been a couple of years of my struggle now and I can proudly mention here that i have delivered to some extent what my parents wished for. I now have realized that maintaining balance in everything is very important. I hang out with my friends, spend extravagantly sometimes, but refrain from all this stuff, the moment I feel spoiled. I have been blessed with everything that a twenty one year old boy can wish for, however, any materialistic thing never drives me. To me, success is something that you earn in the hearts of your loved ones; therefore I try to make my people happy.

life is a constant mode of learning and self-realisation. i think that the direction is very important in defining your future. Everyday is a new beginning and every moment must be cherished to its fullest. Cheers!

Hamza Bin Riaz