Reality at a glance

Pakistan is an extremely misunderstood country. The media, which tends to shed a light on the negative side, overlooks the purity of the land and constantly defames the country and it’s people.

If the nation were viewed from the lens of positivity, individuals from across the world would be aware of the progress it has made. From the fashion industry to film making, Pakistan has advanced immensely. A recent example would be the influx of TV actors such as Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas, and Humaima Malik in Bollywood. There has also been an overwhelming response and success for the movie Waar. In 2012, Sharmeen Chinoy won Pakistan’s first Oscar for her documentary ‘Saving Face’.

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As well, FIFA 2014 footballs were produced and exported from Pakistan. As the 6th largest nation of the world, the country comprises of more than 186 million people. The streets are flooded with culture, and the majority of the people speak more than one language. Additionally, Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. It consists of beautiful landmarks such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Islamabad National Monument, and Faisal Mosque. The beautiful country is also home to K2, the second highest mountain on the planet.

Although the country has received negative labels, it’s unrecognized beauty touches the hearts of many. Thus, it is an evolving nation that possesses quite a lot of potential. With the proper guidance of an intelligent and patriotic leader, Pakistan can become the country it is meant to be. If only a third of the country were to unite and aim to improve the living conditions of the nation, a drastic and positive change could occur. This is definitely possible as the nation is progressing. A visit and an opportunity to experience Pakistan would result in the elimination of one’s misconceptions about the country: Pakistan, the land of the pure.

Imran Khan, leader of PTI, has a powerful vision about the potential of Pakistan and what it can become. He aims to mend the shattered image of Pakistan in the world. He gives the citizens hope, for a ‘Naye Pakistan’. An era without corruption. The idea of Pakistan that Quaid E Azam originally desired

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