The dilemma


Our country Pakistan came into being in 1947 after a lot of sacrifices given by our ancestors. This country was taken from the British and Indians for Muslims to live freely in it. Though we got independence in 1947 but as a nation we have always taken dictations from foreign powers just for the sake of good for a few people. Unlike my other class fellows I have chosen to talk about sports. Like many other institutions and fields suffering in our country sports is also a field being affected. Pakistan has produced great sportsmen which have been known worldwide. Specifically Hockey, Squash and cricket have been the sports in which we have produced legends. Being the nation who gave the idea of 002hockey world cup and has won world cup 4 times (most by any nation till now) was not able to qualify for the 2014 world cup. Same is the case with squash producing great players like Jehangir khan and Jansher khan and ruling the world for the game has almost come to an end in the country. The only sport left in our country is cricket about which I am going to write about.
So cricket in Pakistan is something which brings the nation together on one page which honestly in Pakistan is a very though job to do. Playing its first test in 1953 and being the world champions in 1992 and 2009 Pakistan cricket has produced great Cricketers who have been known all over the world. From great bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younas, Shoaib Akhter to great batsmen like Javed Miandad Inzamam-ul-haq and many others. Reverse swing a weapon used in cricket today was introduced by a Pakistani Sarfraz Nawaz and also the off spinner which goes the other way known as the‘Dusra’ was introduced by Saqlain Mushtaq.
Pakistan cricket has produced some individual brilliance but as a system unfortunately our board has not been up to the mark. Since the beginning players have been above the system and captains have been thrown out and changed just because of a few players not willing to play under them. Player power has always dominated the team. I do not have to repeat the incidents I am sure because that would take a lot of words and time. The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board is appointed by the head of the country which is pretty illogical and unfair. Obviously if the head of an institution is appointed unfairly how can you expect the employees of that institution under him to work fairly? The selection process
has been unfair at many times and many players have been given chances and others dropped not because of the talent they posses but because of personal likes and dislikes. The same people keep revolving in the board from one post to another.
There have been many incidents how we have put players above the system. Wasim Akram when he was accused of match fixing; during the investigation by Justice Qayyum he said

“For Wasim I had some soft corner for him. He was a very great player, a very great bowler and I was his fan, and therefore that thing did weigh with me. Two things – one, I didn’t want that the cricket should be deprived of his participation, and the other was that I didn’t want that towards the end of his career… he should be banned or something like that. My idea was not to find people guilty and then punish them. It was more of a case where I had to do something to put an end to the practice in future. What had happened001 had happened. You couldn’t turn the clock back but you had to make sure they wouldn’t repeat what they were doing.” If at that time Wasim had been dealt according to law and made an example people like Muhammad Amir would not have even thought of indulging in these activities and cause disrespect to their country. Furthermore how can we forget the incident of the great world cup winning captain Younas Khan how he was forced to step down as the captain after the team players under him took oath not to perfrom under his captaincy? How can we see players like Muhammad Hafeez given multiple chances in all formats and players like Asad Shafeeq and Asim kamal thrown out of the team. This has always been a dilemma in the history of our cricket. Unlike other countries for example if we take the example of England; Kevin Peterson who was man of the series in 2010 world cup was not involved in the next world cup of 2012 because of his attitude issues and an example set that nothing is above the system.
That is the reason why after 1992 till 2003 despite having world class cricketers, players who would fear any opposition on any track on a given day were not able to win the 50 over world cup again. You always win as a team not as individuals. We as a team have never been consistent and will never be because of the unfair system prevailing in our country. That is our good luck one might say that infrastructure like hockey is not required in Cricket otherwise Cricket would face the same fate as hockey and squash.

- T20 2009 World Champions

– T20 2009 World Champions



Perception about Life

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” Mae West this quotes basically defines about my perceptions about life. Life is something which goes on. Every day we find people who would complain that world now days is too cruel or everyone is very evil. I disagree with this statement. People were always like this from the beginning, it is what you do that matters. Everyone does justice with their selves but the people who do justice with others are the people who would get people who are actually not cruel. Obviously everyone in this world wants to become better and better and no one should wait for others. So it is your duty to be smart and well prepared to face people and be competitive enough to face others in this world.
Basically I was born in a family where my every acceptable wish was fulfilled and I am thankful to Allah Almighty for this. Also my parents are friends to me. I would sit with them and discuss my problems even the problems I could not discuss with my friends. So when I see people of my age indulging in wrong activities in see this happening because of the gap between them and their parents. Since I was a child till now I have been taught that honestly is not the best policy but it is the only policy that is present. You have to be just and fair to others in order to make people fair and just towards you. Also I personally feel that a huge problem with the people in our country is that we as a nation are dishonest people. We lie compulsively on little things and lie by habit. This is a major problem which has put us behind. I personally cannot get along with people who lie. Another problem I feel with us as a community is that we are too much judge mental towards others. We are too much concerned about others life and not ours. We don’t let people live and always judge them on their appearances. In my opinion People should not pass comments on others and be judgmental on their outlook. Many people are totally the opposite from their outlook. I think this is the major problem why we have so much problem among are society and people killed or punished using the name of religion. This is because our tolerance level is very low.
Now talking about my life ; I have always been in sports and have represented my school and college on many occasions. I was always a mediocre student academically. One thing which I have discovered after joining university is that I have good speaking skills and I have been gaining interest in marketing. I do not have interest in finance at all but marketing is really good. I have been appreciated by instructors in university for my speaking skills and I have confidence that I can speak good and at the same time be innovative. I really have an interest in politics and I am a huge follower of Imran Khan. I have been an active follower of imran khan and involved in doing work for PTI.

– Mustafa Jamshed

Mustafa Jamshed

                    -Mustafa Jamshed