” Beautiful Pakistan “

My country is among the few ones in the world where every feature is worth appreciating.Whether this is a topographical, drainage, weather, architectural or traditional. A story is hidden behind each.Diversity is what makes it charming.

In northern areas, there are spell-binding sceneries of world famous, snow-covered mountains such as K-2. So, are the waterfalls, fruit and flower gardens , unique traditions of tribes practised from centuries and local cottage industries where products are made for export purpose . The enthralling environment attracts one like a magnet.These areas seem to be a part of paradise on Earth.People visit these areas from every corner of the world and become awe-inspired by the breath-taking views.


The rich and gripping culture that is different in all the four provinces is famous around the world.Among these, the most influential was of Mughals.Their buildings with eccentric architectural style and exquisite decor is liked by every eye witnessing it.Whether it is Badshahi mosque or Shalimar Gardens none could ignore the delighting buildings ,murals,stonework with intricate designs and patterns .The fashionable yet, quaint sights hold immense beauty.


1. Pakistan enjoys all four seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
2. Pakistan is blessed with minerals
3. Pakistan has all kinds of land forms, Plains, Desert, Mountain, Hills, Forests, areas with glaciers, and area of extreme hot        temperature.
4. Pakistan enjoys its border with Arabian sea, the sea of warm waters.
5. Pakistan has a rich culture and tradition.
6. Pakistan produces best rice, mangoes, oranges, and dry fruit
7. Pakistani people are very intelligent and sincere, they are always willing to help their brothers provided they are given a       right direction. They are extremely helpful.
8. Pakistani people are beautiful at heart, beautiful in looks and they enjoy a balanced complexion and balances cuts.
9. Pakistan enjoys five rivers, they fertile the rich lands of Pakistan.
    As per the studies, Pakistan has too much oil reservoirs, only it does not have sufficient resources to utilise these blessings.


Only within 60 years, since Pakistan came into existence, its the centre of attention of all the world. Its name is being destroyed by its enemies with bad propaganda, it is the best, Every picture has two sides, or we can see anything with both negative and positive visions, if we will look Pakistan with positive vision, it is blessed by God, but if we will see it with a negative vision, we can find bad people who are damaging its name, but see how much God has blessed it. You tell me should we adopt positive vision or negative vision while judging anything, only its enemies will look for negative traits that are few, and these also are only because of people. Isn’t it? Pakistan is the best.

Pakistan offers a wide-ranging variety. Settlements from urban houses in cities to nomads in Tharparkar to fishermen in Gwadar to herdsmen in Himalayas.Languages of all descriptions such as Saraiki, Pashto, Balochi, Punjabi and many accents in each of them is an added feature.Similarly, we relish four different seasons in an year-a blessing only few countries enjoy.With fruits ,flowers and aroma of every season, one is never bored even living at one place .That one place sees intense heat, cold as well as copious rain and leaf fall.Many uncountable blessings make my country unique but to write them require thousands of pages .None can hold whole of a sea’s water in a single cup.Every single aspect reveals many chapters and in those many chapters there are numerous sub-chapters and in all,there is nothing that should be left while praising my country.To let the real beauty reach you ,you should, yourself approach it -one must visit the one and the only Pakistan.From Gilgit to Gwadar, every ‘Galli and Kocha” will speak for itself.

                                            — Rohit Robert


“We have undoubtedly achieved Pakistan, and that too without bloody war and practically peacefully, by moral and intellectual force, and with the power of the pen”


” Living on the edge “

Living on the edge takes nothing more than stepping out of your comfort zone and living your dreams. Unfortunately, a large portion of society struggles with this concept, for they are fearful of losing an unfounded sense of security they have found through building mental boundaries around themselves. Many people search for relief, turning to songs and blogs with messages pertaining to their troubles. Mysterious is what life seems to be and time seems too short for us to enjoy it. Most of us are often told to live life to the fullest but we were never told how to do so. As we grow, we continue to search on how we will make our life worth living. We tend to be adventurous to try to know the world and what we can do to say that our life is worth living. Life offers many challenges but through the love that I received from my family and friends, I become strong enough to face them. Love that I can receive as I live in what makes my life worth living. The opportunity to receive and share it to others really makes my life worth living. Happy moments that I spend with my loved ones also make my life worth living. So as, I’m growing up I’m doing everything that, I love to do and putting effort into it for a valuable result.


We were put on this earth to do something special with our lives and we should never take that for granted. People that do not do everything to the best of their abilities aren’t only cheating themselves,but also the others around them. because if you don’t you will missed out, so many great opportunities. If you don’t do the best you can in everything than you’ll never know how far you could have gotten. Take a sport for instance, if you don’t practice than you’ll never get any better. Yet if you do put everything you have into that sport you will become one of the best athletes in that field. You can apply that same determination to school work, your job, your marriage, pretty much anything you do in life you should do your best. Not only you will succeed in life, if you do your best, but you even will be happy with yourself.


I give my all in everything that I do because I know that I may never get a second chance. I believe that trying my hardest in every aspect of my life will help me to be more content with the result of those things. If I try the most that I can and still don’t succeed, I still know that there is no way that I could have put forth more effort in order to alter the outcome of that situation.

Sometimes you don’t realize that how many tomorrows you may have however knowing the Importance of your life and making it count, I decided to achieve everything that I ever wished for, I believe that life should be lived on the edge to live life to its extent.

” I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you will see all kinds of things you can’t see from the centre”

          –Kurt Vonneegut


                                          — Rohit Robert