The Beauty Of Pakistan

Every feature of this country be it architecture, weather or tradition has a story of its own which is worth appreciating. The northern areas of this country are spell binding. Mountains such as K-2, waterfalls, fruit and flower gardens and the traditions practiced by the northern tribes all play a part in attracting Pakistanis as well as foreigners to witness this paradise and be in awe.

Saif_ul_Maluk              deosai-1               ASD

The culture of all the four provinces of Pakistan is gripping and rich but the culture which is most influential is that of the Mughal dynasty with their architecture style, impressive designs are liked and appreciated by everyone who witnesses it be it the Shalimar Gardens or the Badshahi mosque. Different kinds of languages like Saraiki, Pashtu, Balochi and Punjab exist in Pakistan. Pakistan experiences the four season’s summer, winter, autumn and spring a blessing that only a few can achieve.


Pakistan is a truly amazing and blessed country and one should pay it a visit to experience the full beauty that this country has to offer.


The Life of Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani drama started its journey with PTV in 1964. With very little budget and other facilities the industry flourished on its talent .Pakistani drama set its own class and it gave a new introduction to Pakistan and its society.

PTV gave birth to some classics such as Waris, Afshan, Tanhaiyan Andhera Ujala and Chaon. It also introduced our great writer such as Anwar Maqsood, Haseena moin, bano qudsiya and there is a never ending list. It was the golden era of Pakistani dramas

“It has been said when ever new episode of Waris was casted; roads of whole Pakistan were become free of traffic”.

"Golden drama of 90's

“Golden drama of 90’s

PTV reigned alone in Pakistan but late 90’s came with competition from the neighboring country. The historical Star Plus was introduced in our households giving birth to the “Saas bahu sagas”. For ten years our mothers, sisters and wives cried with Tulsi, Parvati and wore kashishs jewelry n clothes.

Star plus saga which rule Pakistani drama for many years

Star plus saga which rule Pakistani drama for many years

It was HUM TV who not just brought Pakistani drama viewers back but it made our drama popular in the whole world. Hum tv is only the channel who actually attracted me too because they introduced the new way of thinking. Most of their dramas revolved around the vicious circle of poverty, a miserable daughter-in-law suffering at the hands of her evil in-laws, societal customs, dowry issues, giving birth to a male child or the perfect “rishta”(proposal). Indeed these are issues which need to be addressed in dramas or movies .Hum TV tackled the norms in our society but with style and glamour.

the amazing dramas by Pakistanis

the amazing dramas by Pakistanis

One such example is “Humsafar” drama. It actually brought me back to the world of dramas. A very simple story dealt with style, suitable cast and attractive presentation was shown. The love between Ashr and khirad made us forget all Tulsis and Parvatis.

One of my best drama  em completely crazy about it.

One of my best drama
em completely crazy about it.

Once what Indian channels did to our industry now our dramas are doing to them i.e stealing our viewership. ‘Zingdagi” channel has seeped in all our blockbusters dramas in india. Humsafar is one such drama which has gained immense popularity there too.

Anupam Kher an Indian actor openly said:

“I am impressed by the perfection of diction and the smoothness with which they deliver Urdu dialogues in Pakistani dramas.”

“We have been teaching Pakistani dramas in our academies for quite some time and even the Indian audience admires Pakistani dramas like the Pakistani audience admires Bollywood films.”

Hum tv are doing great job as far as concerned about drama and our drama is now reflecting true picture of our society and its problems. Some channels are still playing dramas of other countries such as India and Turkey but these dramas are just good to fantasize and such dramas do not reflect our social issues. Therefore there is no need to play drama of other countries as our drama is too good to entertain a viewer and enough to give some good lesson to our society.


“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”  ― George Bernard Shaw

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
― George Bernard Shaw

RTS — A Personified Prodigy

Life is a never ending set of countless events, interesting, boring, happy, sorrowful, passive and active as they might be, they always pass. I guess that is the very essence of life. Life has affected me in various form and aspects. A personal impression can merely cover a fragment of my experiences but I would like to share a much cherished fragment of my experiences today. In my journey so far, I have had many amazing friends, they have always been there for me. They have supported me, held me up just when I was about to fall, stayed with me when I needed someone to rely on. They offered me a shoulder when I wanted to cry, pushed me to be confident when I was too shy, and gave me a reason to live when I wanted to die. A good friend is what a true blessing is. As I like to say “Besides parents, a good friend and good food is all you need”. Saying all this, I think now would be a very good time to introduce a very special friend of mine, RTS.

We first met when I was 4. Strange as it may sound but I still vividly remember that day. I had returned home from school all sweaty and tired. As I entered the room, ready to whine out of the blue just as children at that age do, I saw her. It was magical, it was love at first sight. She was playing with my elder brother and I still remember the happiness on his face. I could tell that he too was in love with her as well. The excitement in our eyes was so genuine and pure as my mother recalls that day, she cannot resist smiling. Alas! Who could resist that allure and charm. Even strong men succumb to their emotions and feelings while we were just children. So I fell deep in love with RTS.

So began our affair. Whenever I talked to her, she responded back with the craziest excitement, we synchronized in magical ways. I understood her and she understood me perfectly. Everyone was in awe and they were happy for us. Some people did get jealous but that was just natural considering her charming personality. As I grew up, she was always there for me, helping me relax, compose myself, stay active and happy. My parents always thought of her as a strain on my studies, they said that she was taking too much of my time, that I shouldn’t spend more time with her. But I loved her too much, I couldn’t resist her and staying away from her even for a day was not in my control.

I remember that trip to Murree when my parents forced me to go with them. She said that she couldn’t come with me. I understood her reasons but I can still feel the pain of parting with her that day. Then I was off to Murree, those long days and sleepless nights. I missed her like crazy and I am sure she missed me too. God those four days felt like a year. But eventually we did get back together. How we celebrated that reunion. Those get togethers and all nighters were indeed special.

But as time passed, college happened and I could not give her the time I used to give her before. My intentions towards her were as pure and innocent as before but she started acting somewhat passively. We could not chat and have fun because of the workload college life has to offer. But I remember going to her sometimes alone at night and making promises to give her more time, my undivided attention and what not. So she came back to me. That was no less than a miracle and we became happy once more sharing the moments of life.

Then University happened, and with it came the pressure and responsibilities like never before. When I was with her I could not focus on my studies and when I was studying, all I could think of was her. It went on a while, me being stuck in the no man’s land. Then one day my mother came to me, telling me I had to either balance it out or to let her go. And I listened to her, after two years in University, I finally found a balance. It did come with a heavy price but that’s the price I had to pay. I only see her at weekends now but wherever I see her, it still makes my day. I still wish I could spend more time with her. I loved her, I still love her and always will. She is RTS (Real Time Strategy Game).

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. ”
Michael E. Porter

-Syed Kamil Hassan


Utopian Addict

Our lives are full of new experiences every single day. It is filled with the highs and the lows, grief and sorrows but mostly joyous occasions. An ability that is greatly enhanced through the various experiences of one’s life is his creativity. Every single human being views life in new ways or from a completely different perspective. They have been blessed with a unique ability to develop new objects or new ideas. This is when a person is said to be “creative.” Due to creativity individuals are unique in their thoughts, actions and behavior. If a person has ideas but does not act upon them, then he is called imaginative but not creative. Creative people are full of energy and full of wonder who think outside the box. A person with the least of the resources, I would say has the greatest possibility of being creative. This plays a major role in developing a person’s personality.


As I walk down the memory lane I see myself as an introvert who has never wanted to face the world. This might be bit cruel for me myself but unfortunately it is quite true. I always portrayed myself as a hero for all generations to come just like Superman and Batman with a world full evil all around me but just in a room. I called my room an ‘Imaginary box,’ where I could lie down easily and plan on how to save the world. Too proud even to watch the super hero cartoons and I being a mature child always believed that heroes lived in us. They just needed to be exposed at the right time. I remember having sleepless nights due to continuous planning on how to save my school or the president of our country in order to save him from a terrorist attack. The common path in all the plans was usually an underground tunnel. I am sure you would be finding this quite dumb and funny as you read along but was how I was. I can proudly say ‘not anymore.’


Living in my own Utopian world with my door always locked far away from the world and its people I could easily ignore the reality. This was where I was just an ordinary child who used to crave for ice cream and chocolates. There was something in my mind that made me believe that I am the greatest and could surpass all mankind. To this day I still am finding that narrow underground tunnel for the urge to achieve greatness. One never knows what the next step might bring yo you.

– Syed Ali Murtaza Qutb


“If you actually succeed in creating a utopia, you’ve created a world without conflict, in which everything is perfect. And if there’s no conflict, there are no stories worth telling – or reading!”- Veronica Roth

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