Perseverance _ we will make Pakistan proud!

There are a lot of problems we are facing in Pakistan. When we watch news channels, read newspaper and other international reports all we can see are terrorist attacks, corruption, ethnic and border disputes, floods, illiteracy and other disasters in the country. What is our role in improving the state Pakistan is in?


There is always a positive aspect of a negative one. I believe better days are going to come soon. Pakistan is one of the bravest countries there is. Even after so many hardships our people bounce back and face the next day. We should be proud of that if nothing else. This unrelenting fountain of hope and fight to live for another day is the reason of our existence.

Where there is bloodshed in Lyari every day due to gang wars. Only the bravest souls venture there of their own accord. Despite that the polio workers go there to save the upcoming generation. Every merchant or businessman in Karachi opens his or her shop not knowing what fate may befall them that day. It is this resilience which stops the country’s biggest metropolis from becoming a ghost town.

Our borders along India are in a constant state of flux and danger. Many soldiers of our Pakistan army are killed every day but still they are fighting for us. From the coldest regions of Siachin to the deserts of Sindh, our army guards the borders with no regard to their life. Their contagious patriotism is the reason the Pakistani flag flutters atop our houses on every Independence Day.

The girls in KPK are fighting for their right to study as we speak. Malala yousafzai is a shining example of perseverance on this notion. Now as a Nobel Prize winner she continues her struggle for the education program. Being shot did not derail her from her objective, instead it strengthened it.


Pakistanis always have new hope in their hearts. They never quit and dream that one day there would be a change for better in our country. We shall fight till the end to bring peace in Pakistan. For that instead of complaining about what a poor state of affairs we have been handed, we should plan on how we could remove our ethnic and cultural differences and strive for the improved tomorrow. Pakistan Zindabad.

Presented by: Ali Nawaz


In search of Utopia.

While gazing at the screen, the notion that eradicates my mind is how to write a self impression article. I will try my level best to adorn the article in a manner that describes my life’s accomplishments and how these life experiences have constructed me. I will start with the basic element that establishes who I am – Public speaker! Right from the word get go, public speaking has always intrigued me. I remember the first time i stood on the stage, the spot light was shinning bright on me, the crowd was eager to listen what I had to say and obviously the tension in the aura. But one way or the other, life has always bestowed gratitude on me. Now, I’ll try and break the ice and introduce myself, My name is Raza Naqvi, im currently enrolled in Lahore School Of Economics, perusing a degree in Marketing and Media.  I have been involved in Public Speaking for the past 8 years and if I had a dime for every time someone asked me how beneficial public speaking was, I would have been a billionaire by now.

The highlight of my life has been speaking at the WIDPSC England 2011, where i had the honour of representing Pakistan at the Worlds Debating Competition, where Team Pakistan was under constant pressure and scrutiny. But one way or the other, God was on our side, and despite all the odds stacked against, we broke into the Grand Final and lost with honour, with the decision being split on 3-2. Representing Pakistan at WIDPSC has been the highlight of my Public Speaking Career, whereas in recent times, i was elected as the Director General for Pakistan Model United Nations Society Pakistan. In addition we organized the first International Model United Nations in Pakistan where we had international teams and international judges – an initiative that was never taken in Pakistan. I’ve also had the honor of representing Pakistan at both international and national competitions, and currently I am Debating Coach at LGS. So ladies and gentleman, you just had the honor of reading a small piece into the life of Raza Naqvi.

Mohammad Raza Naqvi


 -Seize the moment and the moment shall echo forever!

Pkmun –WIDPSC –Public Speaking