A Journey from Heaven to Hell

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‘The people feel and look the same, like they’ve settled here even though they know there’s something more-something better-just beyond where they are’

Well it has been many years since I’ve shifted to Lahore from Islamabad. The place where I was brought up. The memories of childhood have their own kind of nostalgia. No matter if it’s the past period of a man’s life, it still is part of us. The charm of it can never be forgotten and explained. I used to be a different person. More fun, loving. The world seemed to be place of joy and happiness to me. At that moment, there was nothing to be worried about. I had friends who admired me. My friends made the college life worth it. My town left the biggest impact on me. I got a lot of my personality. As I remember I was always in somebody’s army. Never Alone! I think that was the time, I was me, myself.

Although my hometown might seem boring and confusing to anyone from the outside looking in, it makes perfect sense to me. Sitting at the foothills of Margalla mountains feels great. My town is known for its picturesque nature and peace. The most important thing about the city that I like is its lush green surroundings and clean environment. There is greenery everywhere. On the one hand it also offers visual delight which make the environment healthy. It’s the place where I felt I could be anything. But time flies, here I am well settled and doing fine with my life in LSE. It was hard in the starting but with time I managed. I was a very quiet and silent person when I came to Lahore. As I don’t open up that easily. Now, whenever I look myself in the mirror, I laugh thinking ‘The storm has passed, and I survived. Never thought I could be that strong to fight back.


I am doing just fine in Lse now. Made friends, enjoy life. As far as my studies are concerned, I think I am a marketing person as I think I have the convincing power to make people believe what I feel. I have volunteered at various places. Specially, for Shaukat khanam twice for raising funds for people who need money for their cancer treatment. Helping needy people gives me satisfaction and makes me feel good about myself.

As part from all these, I like to do activities for myself. I am a good swimmer for which I was nominated to take part in the final competition in Sports Complex Islamabad. Yoga is another exercise that relaxes my mind and soul. I do it for my inner satisfaction. It makes me forget all the tensions for some time. I also like to write, which helps me express my opinion. I have a blog which discuss about the political instability and all problems in general which is faced by common man. I have also written a book for a course which was published. ‘Trails & Tribulations’ was the name of my book. It had different sections discussing various topics and sharing my experience. I prefer writing in my personal diary when I am alone. Traveling is another hobby of mine. Seeing each and every part of the world is so amazing. I have been to Netherland and UK. From which Netherland is beautiful where one can see lesser people whereas cows in more number. I have also seen the northern areas of Pakistan which are extremely delightful. One quality about myself, that is important to me is my passion for wanting to help animals. My fondness for Persian cats is great. Animals are the best companion and a long-lasting friend.


‘As Humans we long for that authenticity and sense of self. Being able to have some sort of encounter with them is important for our own sense of being’.




A sight of me

Normally, people have various hobbies and interests like driving, listening to music,going to gym and playing sports.however, i feel that my interest are a bit different than the most of the people.i am a animal lover and i love to spend time with them. Among all the animal my favorite animal is white tiger this is because of my experience of seeing one and meeting one through my friend Usama Farooq who took me to his farmhouse for this purpose. initially, i was a bit apprehensive and fearful of meeting white tigers due to their wild nature.however, when i met and saw white tiger in front of me i realized how precious that animal is and at the same time how beautiful can a creature can be. Seeing white tigers was a great experience and  got to learn some facts about white tigers which i would like to share with all animal lovers. for example, never bow in front of white tigers but stay upfront, never show your back to the white tigers and ever run in front of them. All this annoys white tiger and he might attack you as he gets distracted and thinks of you as something dangerous. Also, if white tiger is not in a good mood,it is advisable not to go near them one of the startling facts about white tigers is that they stay upfront even when you shoot them this is due to their strength God blessed them with.

After meeting white tigers,i was left amazed and awestruck at the same time. Due to this experience, i would advise all such animal lovers not to treat any creature with harshness but rather treating every animal with love and respect which it deserves the most.1 2 3 4