Reality at a glance

Pakistan is an extremely misunderstood country. The media, which tends to shed a light on the negative side, overlooks the purity of the land and constantly defames the country and it’s people.

If the nation were viewed from the lens of positivity, individuals from across the world would be aware of the progress it has made. From the fashion industry to film making, Pakistan has advanced immensely. A recent example would be the influx of TV actors such as Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas, and Humaima Malik in Bollywood. There has also been an overwhelming response and success for the movie Waar. In 2012, Sharmeen Chinoy won Pakistan’s first Oscar for her documentary ‘Saving Face’.

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As well, FIFA 2014 footballs were produced and exported from Pakistan. As the 6th largest nation of the world, the country comprises of more than 186 million people. The streets are flooded with culture, and the majority of the people speak more than one language. Additionally, Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. It consists of beautiful landmarks such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Islamabad National Monument, and Faisal Mosque. The beautiful country is also home to K2, the second highest mountain on the planet.

Although the country has received negative labels, it’s unrecognized beauty touches the hearts of many. Thus, it is an evolving nation that possesses quite a lot of potential. With the proper guidance of an intelligent and patriotic leader, Pakistan can become the country it is meant to be. If only a third of the country were to unite and aim to improve the living conditions of the nation, a drastic and positive change could occur. This is definitely possible as the nation is progressing. A visit and an opportunity to experience Pakistan would result in the elimination of one’s misconceptions about the country: Pakistan, the land of the pure.

Imran Khan, leader of PTI, has a powerful vision about the potential of Pakistan and what it can become. He aims to mend the shattered image of Pakistan in the world. He gives the citizens hope, for a ‘Naye Pakistan’. An era without corruption. The idea of Pakistan that Quaid E Azam originally desired

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Our Different life styles. (Do we have a free choice?)

“We Live in a society where our choice of clothing is made by the judgement others”

Remember when we were growing up we always used to talk on and on about how we wanted to become a Doctor,Army Officer or the ambitions of a few even exceeded reality where they would revel about the prospect of becoming very rich and just earning money. Well.even though that was pre pubescence, it is quite surprising that even today we aspire to achieve similar things. the main question is why? The answer lies in the way we are formed overtime. but is it really worth to compromise your children’s lifestyles just to make sure the neighbors don’t question your ways?


We often tend to judge ourselves on the opinions of others

The roots of this cause trace back to our cultural origins, we live in a society blended with the viral epidemic of fundamentalism. if we begin to discuss examples, it would take hours to think of even the most common ones. lets for one tae the story of a common Pakistan woman. what are her original teachings? Dress well, Work on Fairness and also specializing in becoming the perfect house wives. the cause for this goes deeper than the fundamental learning. the social learning also plays a role. woman with such mentality grow up in societies saturated with”RISHTA” aunties and obnoxious mothers who make it their life dream to find the perfect husband for them. hence, in the conservative section of our society which accounts for over 95% of the population can only aspire to be good house wives. if we are exemplifying, lets not forget the men who are under peer pressure from day one to commend good purchasing power as well as good respect in the society.

The preceding examples lead to even worse paradigms, men in society fail to live up to their potential or otherwise even chase their dreams for a change. to simplify such terms, we can take the example of Farhan, an acquaintance fond of painting, in fact incredibly passionate about it. his passion lead to a direct increase in his talent and his workshops showed that he had real potential. but at the age of 27, the bomb of being a perfect citizen drop right on his shoulders. Marriage. to conclude, his marriage as well as the responsibility of taking care of a woman made it impossible for him to even buy a minute to spare for his passion.

three-afghan-refugee-women-and-their-children-walk-in-an-alley-of-a-poor-neighborhood-in-pakistan12-20-2010_7334_l_uA contrast of the difference The Lifestyle Contrast: A village near Liyari : Karachi and the High Way system near Sea Veiw : Karachi

The scenarios is same or women, but there reasons would make a feminist jump in his own grave. it is a lot impossible for a woman to pursue her dreams. her parents expect nothing less than a good husband for their daughters. even the thought of a girl, for example trying to become a model in Lahore would make the Father’s cardiac veins tingle.

We live in a society where a boy can’t even dream of chasing his passion, or even of thinking about taking it as a hobby. although it is different for some parents, here we are talking about the 5%. the percentage of upper class. they have almost a different  style. it is almost as if you enter their household you feel like you have entered an apartment in the Hampton’s. there children drive six figure cars, hangout out in the best of hotels and are pampered with a high influx of Servants.

What Islam Teaches us, What we’ve forgotten (Video Link)

Hence, the problem boils down to the conflicting natures of the 5 Percent and the 95 Percent living in the same society. however, the nature of conservatism is vanishing fast. people are adopting to secular lifestyles more and more. Hence, it is the inevitable future that the number Five Percent will increase in the future. yet, this can’t be credited to be a good thing due to the fact that this viral outspread of the upper class will only make the poor poorer. because eventually, lets face it, none of us care about the poor.we may blame the bureaucrats however we are to blame because of our lack of concern to the cause.




Hamza Chaudhry

Hamza Chaudhry

“Life is easy when you make it easy and difficult when you’re different”.
From my perspective, you just have 60 years to turn into a man you want to be.
Today, I’m a well educated person with all the hobbies a youngster has like body building, attending events and socializing. If I don’t exercize for a day, I feel as if my day is incomplete. Body building also helps me stay active and is almost like a food to me. Other than this, I am interested in photography and have recently joined Pakistan Media Revolution and cover events, parties and various gatherings. This is helping me transition into practical life as it gives me hands-on experience through which I get to learn alot of new things.

I enjoy studying but what I value the most is my social life. This is because it gives me a chance to interact with new people everyday.
Also I have a huge friends circle and believe that this aspect is really significant once one enters practical life as it provides an escape from the stress of everyday life and lightens up one’s moods at times.

Life should be balanced. I am someone who is really ambitious about my goals and I’ve seen my father inheriting a business. However, I want to rely on myself and do something.substantial that takes me somewhere higher and is at the same time well recognized. I honestly believe that you are not satisfied unless you fulfill your dreams which are endless…


yo Writing about one’s own self may not be that easy for some people but I personally love exploring
67554c3f9b06e5d1f2c68dc198ebb1abmy thoughts. In such a competitive world, it’s extremely hard to prove yourself to the world. There’s a saying ‘’First impression is the last’’, some might agree and some or majority may disagree. Obviously you need a long time to pass your judgment about a person, but why would you even want to give someone a second shot whose first impression is not appealing enough to approach him/her the second time.

It’s important for every person to have inner beauty, but reality is without perfect outer appearance it’s not that easy to mark your presence except if you are carrying certain extra ordinary qualities! If this is not the bitter truth, there might not have been these much dietitians and cosmetic surgeons around and not every woman at the age of thirty would want to get a Botox!

One is never over or under dressed in black -Karl Lagerfeld

One is never over or under dressed in black -Karl Lagerfeld

”I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men -Marlene Dietrich” 

As there is growing great importance for outer beauty and huge scope for stylists, fashion designers and personal trainers, I am planning to start my own clothing line soon.Every person has now realized the importance and power of great looks and everyone wants to be either the trend setter or the trend follower of the world. I have a great taste in fashion, I follow top fashion blogs like Kayture, play with colors and patterns, I watch fashion weeks and just worship those clothes made by my favorite fashion designers like Ellie Saab, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Mcqueen and Valentino.

PFW CHANEL-Feminist protests and slogans


Karl Lagerfel’s new look for chanel, feminist protest and slogans is the biggest drama seen at Paris Fashion Week on ”Chanel Boulevard”. The designer created a whole new look making the brand’s image larger than life!


’Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world -Marilyn Monroe’’, this applies to every individual in today’s world.


Nobody can succeed without giving their hundred percent and you surely can’t give your hundred percent in something that your heart and brain are not coordinating in, that will make you a robot. So follow your heart and never do something that gives you no peace of mind.

10386359_742706929097769_4567768175686079394_n 13 YEAR-OLD DESIGNER HITS NEWYORK FASHION WEEK. Watch this inspirational story of a young talented girl who is already in fashion market.


Having not going to a fashion school doesn’t mean I can’t prove myself as a fashion designer, those are the skills I have inside me and I plan on using my marketing degree for selecting the best marketing and advertising techniques for my own clothes. It’s extremely important to look good and everyone has a right to look fab and your clothes really matter. In the end Fashion fades but your style is eternal, so how you carry and what you carry does matter at all times.

Every day is a fashion-show and this world is your runway’’ -Coco chanel

“Every day is a fashion-show and this world is your runway’’
-Coco chanel


Peach love creation.



Gold does it always.

Achieving worldly possessions is not success!

Life is very tough as said; it is a bed of thorns not a bed of roses. Men are born free but as soon as he leaves his child hood he is chained by a lot of things such as relations and surrounded by difficult situations; which had to be dealt with no matter how hard it is. This is the age in our life where aims and preferences change and everyone become ambitious want to be known attains something like fame, respect & money .But in this race there are a lot of things neglected by us that will be realized in elder age when one day we will be having all worldly things but deprived of love. If right now we will not gather the most important people of our life, ignore them because of worldly possessions and left them behind.


I want to tell you nothing is achieved in my Opinion if there is no one to appreciate you, love you, celebrate with you your success, motivate you, and listen to you in your good and bad times. Please don’t ignore your family your true friends and one’s who love you while you are moving on with your life. Today there are very fewer people in this world who really get true love except from their parents. Parents love is matchless but when you find a girl or boy for time being in your life you think you have got everything but when he or she left again the only one to support you, to help you stand again is your parents, siblings or true friends who were there when you was not with them. And if you think you really love someone from a sincere heart and want him or her in your life don’t let them go, do it in a respectable way tell your parents don’t deceive your family or yourself by doing anything wrong & let yourself down .The real achievement in your life is happiness and most important part of your life is your family that you will realize with the growing time. Other things of life go side by side keep your eyes open and make your choices carefully before you lose something really precious. It’s not about time it’s about preferences!

– Junaid Cheema