Green: Wear Your Colour With Pride


“Cut me and i shall Bleed Green”


Pakistan, a state referred by many to be a failed one. Requiring transfusions from IMF on a regular basis, just to get by. But thats not my Pakistan, my pakistan is the beauty of the northern areas. My Pakistan is the one where people priorities our families over everything else. My pakistan is beautiful. But why do people stereotype us. The awkward paradigm refers to the nations  long standing correlation to the terrorism.

The Core Examp, we are not all the same

The Core Examp, we are not all the same

However, such thoughts are only nourished by narrow-minded people. Their are people in the world who still dare to come here. Why you say?, the tourism some decades ago in our country was booming. The safety meant that tourists found a lot of destinations. If such were still the case we would be an economy to be vicariously modeled. However, now instead of tourists roaming the mall road, we have suicide attacks at WaghA Border. This is just a needle In the hay stack the problem goes far and deep. We have lost our pride for one. We fail to recognize the goodness in people who stop to check if all is ok after an accident. We live in a state where despite some conflicting sects, There are those who respect and treat women like royalty. Hence, why judge  book by its cover?. We Are a nation of beautiful people infected by corruption and debase.

However, if our enemies think we will give up. they are sorely mistaken. because if you Ban Saeed Ajmal, we will bring in ZulFiqar Babar. If you treat us unfairly we will get our repentance, we will have an infinite number of Arfa Karims and malala yousafzai’s. So yes i am proud of my country. I live and breathe to revive the vision of Quad-e-Azam. I will help the old lady climb the stares. The day will come when we will be run by Leaders and not dictators.

An 11 year old default programme: Only from Pak May she est in Peace.

An 11 year old default programme: Only from Pak May she est in Peace.

So to conclude, Pakistan is not a weak country. Poor?. Yes. Uneduced?. Yes. However, we have farmers with good morals and hardworking. We have NGO’s who help the poor. We have leaders who are Rallying people for justice and the day will come when people will have a hard time trying to get a Pakistani passport. They will prefer our universities,

So i salute you my Quaid for making me a Pakistani. For thh freedom. And no, we’re not weak we are the only islamic nuclear state and the sixth largest infantry. We’ve martyrs who face the barrel of a gun with a smile. So do know we are not ones to give up. because being a Pakistani means a lot to me and i will be loyal in all times to come.